This vision is already becoming a reality!

Manuel and Sarah found a 6-hectare (14.8-acre) property in the Amazon rainforest that fits their collaborative vision. Its plants and animals are thriving, its energy is welcoming, and its current owners are already close family friends. From the Iquitos-Nauta highway, visitors can walk to the property in 45 minutes or simply drive there in 5. 

HEEL ME is now collecting donations for Colonia.

The land costs (approximately) $12,000 to purchase and $3,000 to maintain for the first few months. A portion of all proceeds goes to the Rainforest Healing Center, the place where Manuel and Sarah met. Another, smaller portion goes to state and federal taxes.

Here's how you can send donations:

  • By check... 

    • Deep breaths while you address a check to Sarah Callif and mail it to 7910 29th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126. Congratulate yourself for helping HEEL ME dodge all those processing/administrative fees associated with credit cards!

    • On the phone...
      • Deep breaths while you call 1-864-648-9824 and probably end up leaving a voicemail. Sarah will be sure to return the call, sing you praises, and ask for your credit card number.
    • In person...
      • Deep breaths while you offer Sarah love, hugs, and/or cash.
      • Deep breaths while you plan a meetup with Sarah and her credit card reader (if Sarah has a card reader with her, she can use the Square app to collect donations).
    • Online...
      • Deep breaths while you press the button below, and hug yourself as the next page loads:
    Donate Online