HOme on the bluffs

Hi Ernest,

Will you please consider me to live in your single-wide trailer, looking after your plants & place for as long as it’s needed & helpful? I’m eager to leave Seattle in search of fresh air (I’ve been having allergy symptoms, like post-nasal drip & a constant sore throat, for 10 months straight!). My name is Sarah Callif, my favorite flower is Passiflora caerulea, and the things I care about include:

  • building inclusive & accessible communities (I have a Master’s in Public Administration & am a passionate volunteer in the nonprofit sector),

  • making art (I love creating & appreciating music, photography, drawing, writing, performance, etc.),

  • learning & growing with plants (I am a plant practitioner; instead of having an income, I’ve been bartering effectively as an herbalist for the past 3 years, helping people heal their mind, body, & spirit while receiving their shared resources/support in the process),

  • having a spiritual practice (any or all of this can be an ongoing conversation :)).

My friends often describe me as a compassionate, creative communicator. I am often invited to housesit, for example, because I am reliable, respectful, capable, and caring. I have a healthy, joyful relationship with my inner child - whom I lovingly refer to as “Sara Summer” - and that health & joy is reflected in the ways I treat all the pets, plants, people, places, and things around me. I do not use or abuse drugs or alcohol. Please note that I do have a medium-sized (nature-loving!!!) lab mix and an indoor/outdoor cat.

I hope we can connect to learn more about each other and to see if I can be of help with your personal relocation this upcoming year. Even if we decide I am not a good fit, you are more than welcome to reach out! I’d be happy to meet you and imagine our paths could cross in Sequim, Seattle, or any other community we may share.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Callif


(864) 648-9824 or (864) MITZVAH


This is a thank you gift from a friend in Peru for the time I spent in his community. I think he captured the spirit of who I am & what I do :).