ILC Deliverables

By the end of the quarter, I will submit:

1) an annotated bibliography

2) a completed HSR application

3) the websites I've designed for social entrepreneurship projects

  • Free 40:
  • Colonia:
  • This is the Co-Lab website I collaboratively drafted for the winter's weekly labs:
    • (in the fall, students and I liked the idea, and by Winter Week 1, the entrepreneurship group [including me] wanted to ditch it)
    • (also...pardon the messy asthetic... Squarespace is blocking the original photos and videos because the free trial expired) 

4) the coaching pages I've developed on HEEL ME's website

  • I started this for Lea in January, when she was envisioning her social entrepreneurship campaign: At this point, it is sort of... abandoned... but the project is ongoing, and a couple MALL students are helping with logo design, social media, etc: and
  • These are Spanish and English coaching posts, requested by the Rainforest Healing Center's owner and on behalf of the center's prospective and future guests:
  • Do I need more? Though I'm always making things like this and this, I'll hold onto theirs passwords until/unless you request more examples...

and 5) any applicable and voluntary evaluations of me and my work from entrepreneurial public administrators and MALL students who attended the entrepreneurship labs:

  • N/A (emphasis on the word 'voluntary')