What I've Done

I conducted an institutional assessment of HEEL ME, which specifically included (in chronological order)...

  1. evaluating HEEL ME's policies and practices (especially in the context of social entrepreneurship in public administration and in consideration of the community's accessibility and sustainability needs)
  2. formally closing my business (based on said evaluation)
  3. measuring HEEL ME's outcomes based on advice from Clegg and Smart’s (2010) report, ultimately:  
    • facilitating interviews with former training/coaching/consulting clients (using the same format & 3 questions from the winter's unnecessary HSR app)
    • distributing a survey (a shortened & revised version of the original one from the winter) to HEEL ME stakeholders with questions about 1) HEEL ME's alignment with mission (quantitative and qualitative data) and 2) Sarah's business practices (qualitative data)


    • a memo advising myself to close HEEL ME
    • an executive summary of the research on HEEL ME's outcomes (I am not planning on writing a big research paper like the one from Year 2's group projects)
    • a presentation, where I share a video of the community saying goodbye to HEEL ME, as well as a hard copy of and a link to Crockpot Capstone

    Outcomes: I intend to contribute a process-oriented perspective and to demonstrate organizational (systemic) change in public administration. 

    ^This is where Crockpot Capstone fits in. I don't think I'll be presenting to a group of social entrepreneurs next week. I think I'll be presenting to a group of graduating students who have gone through the same program as me. In simply compiling all my assignments, tracking them with MPA KSAs, and (in a separate binder) connecting them to personal and professional experiences, I provide visual, tangible evidence of Evergreen's education - I demonstrate the work we've done - and that is all too easy to dismiss, ignore, or evaluate poorly. 

    No one (including you) needs to do anything with Crockpot Capstone, but I think it adds value to my project because having an identity and allowing trust cuts to the core of pervasive/perennial issues in public administration. Now or next week or next year, a student or staff or alum can look at this and consider or remember or acknowledge they are in a process, believing that they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Plus... faculty for core can use it as a superspeedy way of finding an example of literally any assignment :P

    What I'm Doing

    • Completing my research on HEEL ME's outcomes, i.e. transcribing 2 more interviews, and sending out reminders/last call messages for the survey (I'm hoping to get 30 responses total [sounds small-scale but it's a lot for someone who sometimes only worked with 1 or 2 clients at a time]) 
    • Finishing up my research deliverables - a memo, executive summary, and video
    • Printing off the final version of Crockpot Capstone

    What I Want to Do

    One thing repeatedly showed up in every section of Crockpot Capstone: labs (I'd call them seminars but that has undeniable associations at Evergreen). Whether I was tutoring/learning in the LEAD program, facilitating entrepreneurship labs with MALL students, or leading conversations in the public and private sector, I have always needed and created safe, supportive spaces for communication, collaboration, and connection. A similar concept showed up in my measurements of HEEL ME's outcomes. Especially in the qualitative portion of the surveys, several participants brought up the lasting, positive effects of me being able to meet people exactly where they're at.

    So... I want to invert the structure for capstone presentations, presenting for 3 minutes (i.e. showing the HEEL ME video) and then spend the remaining 12 minutes demonstrating a lab. Did you know that many members of this current cohort don't know each other's names? Pretty sure if I can hand out name tag supplies or just invite people to do what they need - like take their break 10 minutes early - I will have added value to the program. 

    ^bonus points for full screen!