HEEL ME uses the barter system.

Clients are required to pay for HEEL ME's training, coaching, and consulting services... but not necessarily with money. Sarah Callif provides services that require emotional labor, creative thinking, and a dynamic understanding of pets, people, and policy. Please help HEEL ME by honoring Sarah’s experience and sharing your own unique gifts. 


Specific ways to pay can include but are not limited to:

  • Contributing to HEEL ME’s growth with research projects, fundraising, social media branding, etc.
  • Assisting with HEEL ME’s administrative tasks, like budgeting, making phone calls, organizing paperwork, resolving technical difficulties, etc.
  • Helping someone else heal
  • Connecting Sarah with opportunities for building community, feeling seen and heard, and learning and growing

  • Helping Sarah complete her podcasts, poems, coloring book, or other creative projects

  • Sharing resources and tools, like office space, food (ingredients or meals), technology, or art supplies
  • Petsitting Avi and Rick (Sarah’s dog and cat, respectively)
  • Helping Sarah with tasks that challenge her, like driving or moving heavy objects
  • Financially supporting Sarah