Interview Questions

Outcome measurements by Clegg & Smart (2010, p. 6):

  1. Have HEEL ME's training, coaching, and consulting services made a difference, and if so, how?
  2. Are the lives of HEEL ME's participants better as a result of HEEL ME's training, coaching, and consulting services?
  3. What has changed in the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and the community as a result of HEEL ME's training, coaching, and consulting services?

Clegg, J. & Smart, D. (2010). Measuring outcomes. Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved February 15, 2018, from  

Interview Quotes


    • “We're so much farther than we were.” 


    • "I see all three of those things - the training, coaching, and consulting - being applied to my life [...] like, in basically everything I do now."
    • "I’m much happier than I was. I feel like I’m doing things that I actually enjoy doing, that I choose - actively and consciously choose to do, and for reasons that I can not just articulate with my words but also feel in a really deep way."


    • “Well, [HEEL ME's services] made a difference because you’ve made a difference in my life. It directly my life by all the ways that it impacted your life.”

    Interview Audio

    "Being able to discover myself has led me to be able to discover what hurts, so I’ve been able to work on making it go away." -Seth

    "I think my favorite part of HEEL ME is: it’s not one-sided. I actually love the fact that […] It’s not just you helping me; I feel like I can help you, and that, in itself, is empowering. Because it shows me that I’m not useless, I’m not a worthless person, I’m - I care, and people know I care, and I can help them feel good because of it, so I think that’s my favorite part about HEEL ME.”

    "It is professional, but it’s a very deep professional friendship when it comes to HEEL ME. I trust you, I know you’re not gonna lead me astray, you’re not just gonna drop the ball, and if you had to - for whatever reason - like how you’re closing HEEL ME now - you would tell me. You would talk to me about it, and we would find a way to get through it as friends anyways. So, you’re very reliable.”

    So I feel like that’s made an impact on everybody you’ve met, because it’s made an impact on everybody I’ve met. Because I still talk about you. I still talk about HEEL ME and Avi and Rick, and a lot of people just get astonished by it, and I’m pretty sure that they’re talking about it, too. So that’s why I know that HEEL ME is not closed - it’s just going through an evolution. It’s changing, it’s growing up, and I’m really excited.”