Callif's Capstone Presentation

HEEL ME: Social Entrepreneurship in Public Administration

Who is my audience? 

  • Primarily my MPA peers, but also HEEL ME's stakeholders.

How does my project demonstrate KSAs?

  • By contributing a process-oriented perspective to pervasive and perennial problems in PA, showcasing social entrepreneurship solutions to issues like trust and identity.

How does my project integrate the MPA Mission?

  • It demonstrates organizational (systemic) change, and that change happened by being/bringing it.


I conducted an institutional assessment of my own sole proprietorship (HEEL ME), which specifically included...

  • evaluating HEEL ME's policies and practices
  • formally closing my business (based on said evaluation)
  • measuring HEEL ME's outcomes based on advice from Clegg and Smart’s (2010) report, by:  
    • distributing a survey to HEEL ME participants, gathering quantitative and qualitative data on...
      1. HEEL ME's alignment with mission
      2. Sarah's business practices
    • interviewing former clients, asking them... 
      1. Have HEEL ME's training, coaching, and consulting services made a difference, and if so, how?
      2. Are the lives of HEEL ME's participants better as a result of HEEL ME's  services?
      3. What has changed in the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and the community as a result of HEEL ME's services?


My deliverables included...

  • Crockpot Capstone (hard copy and PDF), which included: 
    • a compendium of MPA KSAs and all of my previous assignments
    • a summary of my (mostly private) research on HEEL ME's outcomes
  • Supplemental materials, i.e. a binder of personal and professional memories and lessons
  • A webpage with a video of the community saying goodbye to HEEL ME

Alternate Ending:


Interview Quotes

  • “Well, [HEEL ME's services] made a difference because you’ve made a difference in my life. It directly my life by all the ways that it impacted your life.” -Lea
  • “We're so much farther than we were.” -Molly
  • "I see all three of those things - the training, coaching, and consulting - being applied to my life [...] in basically everything I do now." -Ben

Interview Audio

"Being able to discover myself has led me to be able to discover what hurts, so I’ve been able to work on making it go away." -Seth

"I think my favorite part of HEEL ME is: it’s not one-sided. I actually love the fact that […] It’s not just you helping me; I feel like I can help you, and that, in itself, is empowering. Because it shows me that I’m not useless, I’m not a worthless person, I’m - I care, and people know I care, and I can help them feel good because of it, so I think that’s my favorite part about HEEL ME.”

"It is professional, but it’s a very deep professional friendship when it comes to HEEL ME. I trust you, I know you’re not gonna lead me astray, you’re not just gonna drop the ball, and if you had to - for whatever reason - like how you’re closing HEEL ME now - you would tell me. You would talk to me about it, and we would find a way to get through it as friends anyways. So, you’re very reliable.”

So I feel like that’s made an impact on everybody you’ve met, because it’s made an impact on everybody I’ve met. Because I still talk about you. I still talk about HEEL ME and Avi and Rick, and a lot of people just get astonished by it, and I’m pretty sure that they’re talking about it, too. So that’s why I know that HEEL ME is not closed - it’s just going through an evolution. It’s changing, it’s growing up, and I’m really excited.”