Training is for people with disabilities who want to train their own service animal(s), emotional support animal(s), therapy dog(s), or pet(s) and need an advocate on their team. This includes ongoing support with self-doubt and discrimination. Clients practice reframing puppy and people problems as opportunities for learning and growth.


Coaching is for people who want emotional support or an emotional support animal (ESA) and need help navigating the various administrative processes. This includes creative support with any questions and concerns raised from friends, family, coworkers, etc. Clients practice self-advocacy and self-expression by asking for the help they need.


Consulting is for people who want see changes in the field of public administration. This includes informed support for public and nonprofit administrators, health practitioners, business owners, store managers, teachers, landlords, and more. Clients practice understanding their rights, roles, and responsibilities in building more inclusive communities, often becoming trusted Summer Associates.